Don't want to let you down but I am hell bound

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I enjoy music and harry potter and my doggie and tea and the hunger games and reading and cute things and my cat and long walks and winter and laughing. I also spend 95% of my life volunteering, enjoy your stay! Supporter of TWLOHA.

My ask box is always open for anyone who needs it. Nobody should ever feel like they are alone, you are always loved♥ especially hazza, she da best

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literally the entirety of cats in a single picture


literally the entirety of cats in a single picture

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My favorite reference in this movie.

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do you ever get so disgusted with yourself, like you can not believe how stupid and thoughtless you are and it’s so frustrating because you keep telling yourself that you’ll do better next time but then next time rolls around and the same thing keeps happening and you end up in this pattern of mediocrity. 

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Happy 43rd Birthday, David Tennant! (April 18th, 1971)

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Why can’t we do what the hell we like? Men can. They can sleep with women without getting a name for themselves, they can have careers…

YOU have a career.

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